Every day over 1,100,000 room nights are reserved through Booking.com, a company which has doubled in size in recent years. Fast growth has come with a need for effective recruitment, continuous new thinking on engagement, brand and service consistency.

ORC International has partnered with Booking.com since 2013 to understand the perceptions and opinions of their talent and help them to thrive as the business continues to grow.

Attracting and retaining the right talent has been key. Our insights predict and trigger alerts on performance and people at risk of leaving, which has enabled Booking.com to improve talent retention by double digits.

We’ve also helped them make recruitment more effective, targeting people who are the right fit for the company and more likely to stay, as well as identifying ways to enhance the new joiner experience. 

Ultimately we’ve helped the business to focus on the issues that matter – which last year enabled Booking.com to achieve growth of almost 10%.


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