Innovation Strategies

We now live in a world in which business success is closely linked to the level at which organisations can embrace innovation. Companies that are able to take a holistic approach to innovation are best positioned to accomplish their goals in a rapidly changing economy.

According to a recent study conducted by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), 53% of businesses engaged in innovative business activities in 2015, compared to 45% of businesses in the 2013 survey. 25% of all businesses used technological (either product or process) innovation, up from 22% in the previous survey, while 42% of all businesses engaged in non-technological innovation, up from 37%.

At ORC, we are constantly looking for new ways to uncover and identify innovations, and we base our research on robust methodologies and frameworks. We also define innovation differently from most organisations, those that think innovation only comes from introducing new products and services. We see innovation as the creation of substantial new value for buyers (or potential buyers) that comes from changing one or more dimensions of the business, and we look at each dimension of the business system to uncover all opportunities to develop and sponsor innovation.



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