Employee engagement monitoring

Imagine a place where you can get fast and continuous insights into how your employees feel, or ideas they have to not miss those opportunities and progress the business. Sounds good, right? Now imagine that you can do that without it taking lots of time, involving lots of meetings where only the loudest get heard, and it’s hard to turn outcomes into real action.  We give employees a regular voice, track progress and delve into hot topics using our tried and tested quantitative and qualitative methods.


Fast, ongoing insights through a self-service tool.

In order to be truly agile and to embed a culture of action, organisations need to be able to understand opinions and employee experiences on a regular basis. Annual surveys provide an invaluable in-depth insight into organisational issues but Pulses turn engagement into a conversation and allow you to track progress, test the impact of action and dive into hot topics.

Our Pulse approach takes our extensive experience in employee research and best in class infrastructure and applies this to an agile self-service approach which is tied to your own question bank and our best in class technology for reporting and action. Pulses can take the form of short tracking surveys or one off conversation starters with full flexibility around survey design and delivery but with the back up from the experts.

Digital Hives and Communities

Our online Communities platform brings employees together to share their insights, resolve business issues, highlight challenges and opportunities, and identify ways to improve either on an ongoing basis or through short, sharp Digital Hives focused around a key challenge. The platform allows our clients to engage with hundreds of individuals on key topics across locations and timezones and to target key groups to source opinions from.

Our expert team work with you to create, manage and optimise the community and analyse and understand the results. 

Employee communities to Increase Engagement




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