Broad Data Integration

Research today is no longer isolated and must connect with many disparate sources of data. While there is much buzz about “Big Data,” we prefer to think about “Broad Data” — i.e., data that comes from anywhere and everywhere. It may be big, such as your company’s transaction records, or small, such as a government census table. It may be highly structured, like the results from Primary Research, or unstructured, like a collection of a million Tweets. Wherever it comes from, ORC International’s data scientists can work with it and bring it together to help you make your business decisions.

We see this as central to the way that research and business intelligence is evolving. We are evolving our technology platforms in a similar manner in order to ensure that you can work with all of the relevant data for your business. AccessPoint is our centralised state-of-the-art digital intelligence platform designed to help grow your business. Whether you have existing research from varying suppliers, new research, and/or internal and external metrics, Accesspoint saves you time, money, and resources in trying to search multiple data sources for valuable nuggets of insight to address your business challenges.

Focused on leveraging multiple streams of data points specific to insights on your customers, employees, markets, and strategy, AccessPoint allows you to explore Big Data, navigate key business metrics, and integrate insight to identify new opportunities for action planning and strategy development. Accesspoint will improve the way you view and interact with your data sources. AccessPoint includes:


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