Accelerated Decision Support

It is estimated that organisations spend nearly $20 billion annually on market research. Of that, an estimated $2 billion is focused on competitor intelligence. Still, research shows that there is little insight on how this information is being used within organisations, and executives report that 50% of the time they fail to find information they seek from sources available to them.

Across all industries, there is a need for a research solution that can deliver targeted information that will help organisations make decisions more quickly and effectively. ORC’s Accelerated Decision Support solutions go beyond looking for insights from any one source and embrace a data agnostic approach. Every year, we invest over £1 million in subscription published and secondary research sources and spend countless hours interviewing experts and industry stakeholders across numerous industries. We also pull insights from rapid-response consumer surveys and social media analysis.

Because of the flexibility of this solution, our clients find they are able to quickly and efficiently obtain hard-to-find market research and develop insights to address any business challenge with one easy-to-manage subscription.



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