Generate ideas for your next innovative breakthrough.

How do you come up with new ideas to improve your products or services? In the past, large organisations and multinational corporations would conduct closed-door innovation ideation sessions, reducing the risk of competitors catching wind of their great ideas. Now, successful innovation requires rapid iteration and development. We have entered the age of Agile Design, Lean Start-ups and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and companies that want to grow quickly must identify opportunities for innovation on a much shorter time-scale.

To support this shift in innovation ideation, ORC works with clients in collaborative brainstorming sessions designed to uncover the best opportunities for growth in their industries. We work closely with your team to pull together published research on emerging trends, technological innovations and consumer trends before putting them into a discussion guide for future ideation sessions. We then conduct brainstorming sessions with various industry stakeholders, competitors, employees and subject matter experts to tease out insights and develop innovative ideas for future products or services.

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