July 24 at 12:30pm to 1pm

behavioural reserach webinar

Behavioural Change Research.
It’s less ‘Minority Report’ than it sounds.

When it comes to delivering differentiated experiences, building brand love, or launching the next big thing, organisations need to understand how to shape customer habits in order to drive success. But it’s not just understanding this that’s important; brands need to act as well, looking beyond consumer habits to the root causes of behaviour. That’s where research comes in.

At ORC, we have used our experience to develop a behaviour change framework that assesses the impact of six key elements brands can leverage in order to shape their customers’ behaviour. Incorporating three key approaches of consumer psychology – customer journeys, behavioural economics, and nudge theory – it offers an actionable, systematic structure to achieve measurable results.

In our exclusive webinar, we’ll explore how to use a range of research techniques to genuinely change consumer behaviour.

You should attend if you are wondering:

• How do we move passives to promoters?
• How do we activate our dormant customers?
• How do we encourage customers to use more of our services and products?

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Tuesday 24th July, 2018
12.30pm – 1pm



Webinar: Learn how to affect consumers' behaviour!