May 11

This year’s theme for our Financial Services seminar is ‘understanding people and decision making’.  We will be sharing our approach and expertise on:

See more, hear more, feel more – do more
For a study to have impact, it needs to be compelling.  As nothing exists in isolation, this paper demonstrates how thinking more broadly around a topic and enhancing primary research with cultural insights and consumer trends alongside other secondary sources not only provides a deeper understanding and context, but can help drive the findings inside an organisation.  

Joined up journeys
 Using findings from a major ORC cross-category study, this session will share the framework we developed and the insights it generated for financial services organisations profiling both pathways to purchase and the customer journey.

Uncovering what customers truly value
In the low-engagement world of financial services, research about the things customers’ value typically produces generalities.  Drawing from a specific case study, we will show how a different education-based approach can lead to better development of new communications, products and services.

There will also be an interactive discussion-based session where attendees will have the opportunity to network and share ideas on related topics.

Your hosts will be Pete Johnson (Financial Services Director), Phil Brooks (Financial Services Director) Kevin Ford (Head of Markets & Products Research), Cat Kidd (Financial Services Associate Director).


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We look forward to seeing you at the event. 


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