March 2

Let’s face it. 2016 was a bit of a let-down wasn’t it? A year of change and uncertainty, where economic and political concerns meant that keeping employee engagement at the forefront of your mind has been a challenge – no matter how actively your business embraces the mantra “our people are our most important asset”.

We predict 2017 is going to be a completely different story. Fresh intentions, a new sense of focus and a need to ramp up efforts to attract, engage and retain your people with energy, purpose and enthusiasm.

Our first big engagement event of the year gave insights into the new trends we are seeing, and provided inspiration and advice to help really push the engagement approach forward in 2017. Our team of engagement experts presented the best and latest thinking on:

Personalising engagement
We’ve just finished trailing a new and exciting approach to driving engagement for one of the world’s most innovative companies. Is it possible to turn responsibility for employee engagement over to the individuals you are trying to engage? Are we seeing an end to engagement being something that’s done to people and the start of a move towards something much more exciting? And how do you achieve this in reality?

Ongoing Action
It’s exciting to see more organisations embracing ongoing measurement as a way to track progress and start new conversations with their people. But with every conversation comes an expectation for action… We shared new ideas on creating an ongoing culture of action which matches the expectations ongoing research sets.

Data Driven Decisions
We all know that engagement surveys create a lot of data. But how do you make sure that you don’t drown in the numbers? And that managers and leaders don’t lose sight of the whole purpose of your engagement research – to find the challenges and success so you can do something about it? Great data visualisation can really help. We shared ideas on how turning numbers into compelling and impactful stories can help change the way your audience sees the world around them.

Balance on the Board
There is a ton of evidence out there to suggest that boards with gender balance perform better. But still, companies struggle to create true equality. What are the world’s best companies doing to help women break the glass ceiling and create gender balance at a leadership level? Our competitive intelligence experts have been on a mission to find out.


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