Using an annual survey supported by a six monthly pulse, the initial aim of our partnership with Well Pharmacy was to understand the impact engagement was having on key business metrics. Actions taken as a result of the insights have led to year on year improvements in engagement and retail performance across the business.


Aligning employee insights with customer feedback showed a mismatch in expectations. As a result, customer service training has been redeveloped to focus on what truly matters to the customer, with a 10% increase in satisfaction with training and development.

Our research has shown a real case for the ROI of employee engagement – linkage analysis revealed stores with the highest engagement levels have lower attrition, higher mystery shopping results, and increased sales revenue.

Sophie Baldock, Well’s engagement manager says: “The key population has been our executives, they’ve always understood engagement is important but this has helped them to see it as a key enabler to unlocking business performance. By showing the strong return on investment engagement will bring, they’ve really bought into improving it across the organisation. We’ve also improve the understanding of our approach to customer care and how we are training colleagues across the business.”

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