We want you to focus on your business goals, not your competitors.

Unfortunately, it’s hard (and foolish) to completely ignore the competition. Success comes not from how you choose to react to change around you, but how you choose to act intentionally based on all of the information at your disposal.

Organisations that learn to ask the right questions about the competition and then use that information to influence business strategy are far more likely to succeed than their counterparts. With this in mind, we’ve developed a streamlined system for studying and looking at competitors by conducting fast-turnaround desk research to drive business strategy development across your business in as little as 48 hours.

With this approach, you get:

Targeted Insights
A snapshot of a single competitor’s business using a framework that covers: SWOT, customer journey, business model and future plans

Concise Reports
A few page report delivered within days in a concise format suitable for executives/management

Real Answers
A document that helps you answer pressing questions: Are they a threat? Are they doing anything we are not?

But why choose this approach over others? We’re glad you asked:  

Heads of customer insights, R&D teams, and business intelligence analysts, in particular, are interested in learning about the best ways to stay on top of changes going on in their industries. Check out our latest long-read to explore our experience and some case studies.

Want to learn more about the sources we have access to or how we can help you answer your next big business question? Please get in touch to see how you can get ahead of the competition: