93% of employees are proud to work for Comic Relief, so employee engagement will be easy, right? In their first ever employee survey, our insights revealed that a lack of collaboration and understanding between teams were undermining employee engagement, as well as issues with managing transformational change across the business with some specialist teams growing by 100-150 each campaign cycle with limited support.


Big improvements, small budget

As a result of our recommendations a series of cost effective initiatives were introduced, starting with talks from beneficiaries of the charity to re-connect people with Comic Relief’s ultimate purpose and the senior leadership’s vision for the future. They also launched an internal workstream to improve team visibility and collaboration, which included internal team trade shows, along with an initiative which created getting to know you opportunities through matching people at random to go for a coffee. The workspace was also having a big impact, so they assessed design to create more collaborative spaces, as well as turning a pillar in a high traffic area into a whiteboard where people could ask for ideas, get feedback and share good news.

Looking to the future

In 2014 Comic Relief launched their six year international business strategy to modernise their business and focus on delivering outstanding campaigns that increased investment from donations and grants in the UK and abroad. The changes implemented from our programme helped them to activate some significant improvements in performance and fundraising revenue and our partnership continues to play a vital role in the ongoing people strategy of the organisation.

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